Thursday, February 24, 2011

Is Spring Football Practice a Reality in Virginia?

by Jeff Fisher
Virginia High School Football Huddle

The Virginia High School League has approved a big change to practice rules that could open the door to spring football practice...although it's unlikely that that will happen.

The VHSL Executive Committee voted to allow year-round practice for all sports with the exception of three "dead periods".  The new rule, that goes into effect August 1st, allows teams to practice except for the first ten allowable practice days of another sports season as well as a one-week period during the summer.

The old rule allowed teams to practice only during their season and within a specific preseason window.

So the question spring football practice around the corner?  The answer is probably not.

Why?  The VHSL catastrophic insurance will not apply to out-of-season activities.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Virginia - 2011 National Signing Day

Dewayne Alford (Nansemond River, DE) - Virginia Tech
Michael Cole (Cave Spring, DB) - Virginia Tech
Deshon Foxx (Brookfield, RB) - Connecticut
Jaston George (Oscar Smith, DB) - Syracuse
Jake Goins (Manchester, OL) - Virginia Tech
Chris Hall (Dinwiddle, TE) - Virginia Tech
Michael Holmes (Harrisonburg, RB) - Virginia Tech
Demtri Knowles (Liberty Christian, WR) - Virginia Tech
Corey Marshall (Dinwiddle, DE) - Virginia Tech
Michael Nebrich (Lake Braddock, QB) - Connecticut
Spenser Rositano (Stone Bridge, DB) - Boston College
Ronny Vandyke (South County, DB) - Virginia Tech
Matt Zanellato (Lake Braddock, WR) - Penn St.